Upcuming Runs

Date Number Type Hare Hare Comment
Sat: 07-Dec-2019 1828 Hash
Hare Pic
50 meterpeter
Hare Pic
Just Lisa
Fri: 13-Dec-2019 211 Moonlight
Hare Pic
Sleazy Rider
Hare Pic
Vibrating Bunny
Sat: 14-Dec-2019 1829 Hash
Hare Pic
Cold Pussy
Hare Pic
Just Neil
Sat: 21-Dec-2019 1830 Hash
Hare Pic
Sleazy Rider
Hare Pic
Not Long Enough
Mulled wine XMAS hash
Sat: 28-Dec-2019 1831 Hash
Hare Pic
Miss Piss
Last hash in 2019
Sat: 04-Jan-2020 1832 Hash Hare Needed KTV Run
Fri: 10-Jan-2020 212 Moonlight Hare Needed
Sat: 11-Jan-2020 1833 Away
Hare Pic
No Hare Required
Hot Spring Hash / PRD xx with GZ & DG
Sat: 18-Jan-2020 1834 Hash Hare Needed
Sat: 25-Jan-2020 1835 Hash Hare Needed
Sat: 01-Feb-2020 1836 Hash Hare Needed
Fri: 07-Feb-2020 213 Moonlight Hare Needed
Sat: 08-Feb-2020 1837 Hash Hare Needed
Sat: 15-Feb-2020 1838 Hash Hare Needed
Sat: 22-Feb-2020 1839 Hash Hare Needed
Sat: 29-Feb-2020 1840 Hash Hare Needed Hash on a 29th Feb, the next is 28 years later. You don't want miss this !
Sat: 07-Mar-2020 1841 Hash Hare Needed
Fri: 13-Mar-2020 214 Moonlight Hare Needed